Window Tinting Case Study With 3M Prestige 70


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Case Study

3M Prestige PR70 Window film. The latest technology in the 3M Sun Control film range – A 'clear' heat, glare and fade control solution.

The owner of a home in Sydney's north shore approached SolarX with an unbearable problem. It is often seen in residential and also commercial building apartments governed by strict strata guidelines and body corporate rulings.


Heat was a big problem in the summer. This was intensified in summer afternoons as the direct heat in the kitchen was unbearable. Fading was the other issue as the sun streamed in on the new kitchen doors. In order to combat the heat & damaging UV rays of the sun, the owner would have had to put an awning on the exterior of the building and heavy duty blinds. This would compromise the view and defeat the purpose of having glass installed in this area. The air conditioning was running at full capacity.

The owner of the home did not want to change the external and internal look of the building. Traditional window films are either dark or highly reflective and also change the external appearance of the building giving a 'patchwork' effect if some areas are tinted and other areas not.


3M Prestige PR70 film was the obvious choice as it uses innovative Multi-layer Optical Film technology, to provide a window film product with a clear appearance and a host of advantages. Enhanced on angle performance, high IR reduction, superior clarity, along with no chance of corrosion and no signal interference are among the benefits. 3M Prestige PR70 film gives low reflectivity along with an optimized balance of performance and natural light. While essentially not changing the external appearance of the building, it reduces 97% of Infrared Heat which accounts for 50% of all heat, 23% of glare and 99.98% of UV rays.

The 3M Prestige Series marks a significant technological advancement in how window films can enhance buildings and homes. Residential and commercial property owners now have a high performance clear window film that combines all the benefits of heavily-tinted or reflective films, without the inherent drawbacks of darkened rooms or mirrored windows. Prestige films actually have 1% higher reflectivity than the glass they cover, so the appearance of your building is virtually unchanged.


SolarX performed the installation (1 window) in a way which resulted in virtually no disruption to the owner in a straight-forward and trouble free installation within one hour. The results were immediately noticeable. With the air conditioning running at a lower level, the savings in energy costs in summer would be genuinely substantial.

For more information please contact the team at SolarX or read more about the 3M Prestige Series Window Films.


  • Avoid heavy window coverings
  • Great heat rejection provides energy savings and improved comfort
  • A warm natural hue invites warmth and beauty to any room
  • Protects skin and extends the life of furnishings by significantly reducing UV rays, The largest cause of fading
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity, enjoying clearer views
  • New 3M nano-technology enhances colour stability
  • Reduces glare and eye discomfort
  • Comprehensive 3M manufacturer's warranty
  • Increases personal safety from flying glass
  • Superior scratch resistant coating
  • Glass appearance is virtually unchanged once the film is applied



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