Solar Gard 4 Mil Sterling 60

Solar Gard 4 Mil Sterling 60

Provides substantial heat control plus the advantage of impact protection

Glass shards flying about due to accidents or attempted break-ins can wound and damage interior furnishings and you or your employees. Solar Gard 4 mil Sterling 60 keeps the shards together and slows down burglars from gaining entry.This film is lightly tinted offering substantial heat and glare reduction, added privacy, and adequate natural lighting.

Performance Results

  Solar Energy Visible Light    
T% A% R% T% Ext.
E Wtr
SC SHGC % UV Light Blocked Total Solar Energy Rejected
 4 Mil Sterling 60 45 29 26 62 20 19 .72 5.51 .62 .53 >99 47

Performance results were generated from testing 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass and have been measured, calculated and reported in accordance with ASTM, ASHRAE and AIMCAL standards. Performance results are subject to variations within industry standards.